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Welcome to my site!

I am a Division Editor at PLOS ONE for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Neuroscience, Mental Health team. I am also a visiting scholar at San Francisco State University where I worked as a visiting Assistant Professor. My main research interests are in epistemology and philosophy of science. I also work on the role of the history and philosophy of science in science and math education.

FlammarionI was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science, and graduated from the University of Western Ontario and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy. I worked at the Boston University Center for Philosophy and History of Science. In Boston, I took part in a teaching and research project (ITOP), helping to incorporate the history and philosophy of science into science teachers’ professional development.

I have been Assistant Editor for the journal Science & Education, and Council member of the International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching group (IHPST). I have also worked as an Editorial Assistant for the European Journal for Philosophy of Science.

For more information, see my CV or my interviews for the Rotman Institute or for the Pitt Center for Philosophy of Science.

I pronounce my name [janʁo (dy.pɛ̃)] and an Americanized version might sound like YAHN be-ne-TROH (-doo-PEN).

All views expressed here are my own. Find me on Mastodon